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Natural & Sustainable 🌱

If you believe in the raw beauty of true nature, this shop is for you!

Here at Plan It Bare, each and every product is slowly poured by hand with only the purest and finest materials. Created with pure intentions and a definite purpose. Made with high quality, all natural and repurposed materials to create unique and soulful decor so that your home may be filled with health and happiness!

We have also partnered up with an incredible organization, One Tree Planted! For every purchase made, a tree is donated. This is a great opportunity to make an extraordinary impact. 🌿


Pure & Natural Soy Aromatherapy Candles

You deserve the best! Hand poured with only the purest and finest ingredients, this is the cleanest, most natural candle you will ever find!

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All Natural Room & Linen Spray

All natural room & linen sprays are such a compliment to the collection! Each scent has been thoughtfully curated to bring a clean, naturally beautiful aroma to your special space!

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All Natural Rattan Reed Diffusers

Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers are absolutely great for any room in your home, office or studio space! If you enjoy a natural, light and clean aromatic scent, but can’t tolerate the smoke of candles, Reed Diffusers are a wonderful alternative! 

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—Customs & Commissions—

A commission is a great way to create a piece that is unique only to you! It is a wonderful way to add meaningful, lasting decor to your space. A commission piece always makes for a great gift, as well! All commission pieces are made to order. Depending upon the size, materials needed and labor required, there is a 1-3 week processing time. 

Would you love to have your very own custom scent?! I have created custom scents for several businesses, individuals and private events!

If you are at all curious or are wanting a custom scent or a unique piece, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I offer several different options for materials.


If this is something you are interested in and would like to know more about, please tap the button below!

Hi, I’m Jill Marie!

Every design that has come to life with Plan It Bare has been created out of necessity.

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