My name is Jill Marie and I’m the Creator of Plan It Bare!

I have been working with plants my entire life. I can remember my father having a garden in our backyard when we first moved to New Braunfels Tx., about twenty eight years ago. I have always been fascinated by nature. I was first introduced to essential oils in my early twenty’s. I quickly realized just how precious this plant medicine was. I was an addict, soul searching hard for a purpose and a place. I had a drug related near death experience when I was twenty three. My life changed drastically after that and I immersed myself in a new way of living. Healing had become my essential goal. I spent 10 years experiencing new things, meeting new people and developing new habits. I learned the way of the land and I learned how to love myself. I polished skills that I never knew I had. 

Creating Plan It Bare has been an incredible experience. It has allowed me to put forth years of focus, hard work and knowledge. My love for essential oils shines through thoughtfully curated candles and non-toxic reed diffusers. I started this business three years ago with an intention to help and heal not only myself, but YOU as well. I wanted to design a product that would encompass everything I stand for. A product that is true, medicinal and sustainable. I have found that essential oils are so potent and so powerful, they are life changing. A healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle create a healthy body. Working with essential oils has allowed me do that! 

I now wake up each morning with so much thanks and gratitude. Just to be here alive and creating feels amazing and I am continuously able to do so because of YOU! Because of your love and support! 🤍