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DAYDREAMER: bright & energizing

DAYDREAMER: bright & energizing

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—Frankincense + Lemongrass + Brazilian Orange + Bergamot + Sage

Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers are absolutely great for any room in your home, office or studio space! If you enjoy a natural, light and clean aromatic scent, but can’t tolerate the smoke from candles, Reed Diffusers are a wonderful alternative!

There are five unique and healing blends available! Each diffuser is hand poured and made with only the purest ingredients. Essential oils have been used medicinally for thousands of years! My products are made with absolute care.



• Pure Essential Oils

• All Natural Eco-Base Diffuser Solution 

• Water


• 6 (10 in.) Natural Rattan Diffuser Sticks 

• 4 oz. Amber Glass Bottle with lid 



  1. When you first get your Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser, shake the bottle very well. — take off lid, place all 6 sticks into bottle and wait. 
  2. After eight hours, flip the reeds and let the joyous aroma start to fill your space!
  3. At least twice a week or when you start to notice the aromatics fade, flip the diffuser reeds. This is how you achieve the best scent throw.
  4. Also, at least twice a week, swirl the oils inside the bottle to incorporate altogether.


—It may take up to 24 hours to truly experience the full scent throw.

—Diffuser Care Tips are also included with each package.

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