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CITRONELLA - Citronella | Bergamot | Cardamom

CITRONELLA - Citronella | Bergamot | Cardamom

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This candle is an absolute summertime essential! A true combination of citronella, bergamot and cardamom not only serve as a wonderful insect repellent, but also compliments your space with the most amazing aroma. 

  • 40hr burn time for 4 oz candle
  • 55hr burn time for 8 oz. candle
  • 70hr burn time for 12 oz candle 

—Each unique blend is designed to promote overall wellness and alignment of the mind, body and soul. They are high quality, zero waste candles composed of only two ingredients, 100% pure essential oils and all natural soy wax. The wax is then poured into repurposed glass bottles that have been hand picked, cut and polished. I use a braided cotton wick for optimal burn time. My candles are non-toxic, additive free and cruelty free!


*All materials used to make the product, the product itself and packaging are eco-friendly, recyclable and/or bio-degradable.



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